Finnish design house Marimekko is renowned for its bold prints and colors. The brand was founded in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia, and it is considered one of the very first lifestyle brands in the world. The core of Marimekko is the art of printmaking, and its design philosophy is based on creating timeless design that brings joy for generations to come. The brands vast archive currently includes over 3,500 prints, with new additions added each year. Marimekko’s product assortment includes ready-to-wear, bags and accessories as well as home décor.

One of Marimekko’s print designers, Erja Hirvi, has been working with the brand for nearly three decades. Hirvi’s print Leikko (cut flower), is one of her latest patterns for Marimekko. The print was originally created for one of the brand’s 70-year-anniversary collections. The pattern is made using a paper cut-out technique and it showcases different shapes of leaves, flowers, and budding plants. The print can be seen across Marimekko’s product assortment, from home textiles to ceramics.

One of the most celebrated designers of her generation, Hirvi is based in Helsinki. Like many Scandinavian artists, her work is inspired by the diversity of nature, its ever-changing forms, and colors. Her subjects most often include various plants, which Hirvi carefully transforms into simpler, abstract shapes and are then transformed into patterns. Hirvi’s Imagination and dreams play a significant role in her work, as well as intuition and sudden ideas. Hirvi treats colors in a virtuoso way, preferring to use vibrant shades and more restrained tones, but her bold and dynamic colour pairs make her work truly remarkable.