Shahar Livne

Shahar Livne – conceptual material designer and researcher – What would happen if the synthetic waste seeping into the ground were to be reborn as a hybrid material?

The special objects and installations of Shahar Livne are born out of her research into nature, natural sciences (specifically biology) and philosophy, their narratives embodied by various raw material experiments.

The basis of the design project, which also contributes to scientific research, is the idea of an imagined future. „Environmental changes triggered by the waste generated by humanity inevitably endanger and even transform nature. Microplastics penetrate the earth and the ecosystem so deep that they combine and transform into a totally new raw material that is a peculiar and utopian mixture of nature and culture.” This is only partly a figment of the imagination. In 2014 a “rock” was discovered on the beaches of Hawaii. It was made up of sand and waste and was dubbed a plastiglomerate. In her proposal the artist asks questions like ‘how do humans relate to a new material that is synthetic (man-made) in its origin’ or ‘how can its specific properties become the basis of a design process’.
Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 finalist
New Material Award 2018 finalist