The important stages of his career that spans more than half a century are tightly linked to the history of design. He experienced the advent of plastic in the Sixties, the postmodern revolution in the mid-’80s, even the digital innovations of the new millennium can be neatly traced in his works. Kukkapuro is still active, having thus far designed more than 100 products, with a predominance in seating furniture. Besides ergonomy, the psychological and scientific aspects of his work are also crucially important for their designer.

One of his best-known pieces of furniture is the Karuselli armchair from 1964. Built on a fibreglass frame, this soft-leather armchair is not only a design classic but is still one of the most comfortable pieces for resting.

The Moderno series of various armchairs and chairs is another defining feature of Kukkapuro’s career, which he designed before graduating. Typically Scandinavian, the first piece was made for a shoe shop in Helsinki, but can still be found in many Finnish public buildings to this day.

At first glance, the Tattooed series from 1993 looks quite spartan: a plywood chair adorned with graphic artist Tapani Aartomaa’s unique decor.

The CNC collection is already the child of the 21st century. Available in vivid colours, the armchair’s elements are cut to shape using a computer-controlled cutting machine. Only recycled materials are used to manufacture the chair which is shipped flat-packed.