The pieces of Geoform series are ceramic paraphrases from our surrounding geological formations.Each objects evoke a characteristic features of a natural formation with their forms, surfaces andcolor variants. The materials developed from the original soils and the shapes of the objects camefrom the structure of the nature analogies. These narrative objects are reflecting a personal experienceswith landscapes, they evoke a memories and express local values.The current series processes three geological phenomena: the fragmentation of soil salinity, thestratification of geological rocks and the structure of quicksand.



The geological rocks layers are piled one on top of the other, which in many cases revealed byabandoned mines. The vessel material came from a Hungarian quarry called Sámsonháza whereyou can find five type of geological rocks at the same place. The vessel using the geological stratawere made using Nerikomi technique, transforming the stratification into patterns.



Water-soluble salts, such as magnesium carbonate causes salinization in soil. When we mix thiscomponent into a ceramic glaze it’s create a cracked surface that also occurs in nature. Reflectingon the infinite extent of the Great Hungarian Plain, where is usually appear this phenomenon, I displayedthis cracked surface into an endless lens shape.



The vessel captures the movement of quicksand. 3D printing technology has transformed thesesand lines into a static, sculptural surface. The effect is further enhanced by the glaze.