Jiří Krejčiřík


Jiri Krejcirik, born in 1989, is a multidisciplinary designer based in Prague. 

His practice embraces a broad spectrum of disciplines and methods – it transcends the barriers between art and design, from product design through furniture, lighting, glass, interior and spatial design. Whether designing for a client or developing his own self–initiated projects or gallery objects, he always applies the same thorough attention to context, process and detail. As a result, his entire portfolio is characterised by a coherent visual language threading the historical and the cultural through a contemporary lens – with an unexpected edge. Embracing a tradition of craftsmanship, each product is hand-crafted locally, in the Czech Republic, produced in a limited series and being displayed only in meticulously chosen galleries and design showrooms in Europe.

Nouveau collection

Design by Jiri Krejcirik, with pyrography drawings by Taja Spasskova.

The furniture is inspired by Czech Art Nouveau aesthetics and interdisciplinary artists of that period such as František Bílek. Interdisciplinarity, which was typical for that era, led to Jiri and Taja’s idea of combining design and drawings, crossing the borders between applied arts and fine arts. Jiří designed the sculptural furniture which Taja etched using a woodburning technique that was typical of the aforementioned period. These influences are present in the limited collection of collectible furniture in which both the design and drawing are related to the era. The furniture is carefully hand-crafted in the Czech Republic with a deep focus on delicate details such as miter joints, beveled edges, soft-touch matte surface finishing etc.