Jakub Jandurek, Michaela Tomiskova




DECHEM Studio is a renowned and award-winning design studio which was founded by Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek in Prague in 2012. Based on contemporary design in combination with a mastery of production and a healthy respect for old Central European craft and traditions, they design, produce and sell their own collections of lights and decorative glass products.

One of the studio‘s signatures is its diverse and ever-expanding range of vases. On the one hand they are inspired by the interest in ultra-normal, yet beautiful shapes and on the other hand by various glass experiments. Their muted colour gradients are inspired by nature and have become a significant component of their work. All of their creations are manufactured with care in Czech workshops using unique methods, including hand-blowing, snapping, cutting, grinding, firing, engraving and glass painting.