Farkas Sára,
Jakabos Juli ,
Kopacz Hanna,
Rudolf Vincze István


We have created our diploma project in cooperation with Wesley János Primary School in MÁV-site. The point of our project is to color the slightly barren school yard with new outdoor furniture.

It was an important aspect for us that in the design and construction processes the children can personally participate so that the furniture is really for their needs reflect and empathize with them in the future. We have strived to raise their awareness of the possibility of shaping the environment through the creative process, to gain experience in the use of tools and community building.

The created outdoor community furniture elements are several months of common thinking and creation results. The ideas of students and teachers drawn on paper were first glued together from cardboard boxes, using the countless discarded old school furniture with pipe-frames in the school yard. By cutting them apart, welding them to each other and adding new materials we created reinterpreted public furniture.

In the design of the finished furniture structures, we tried to put the ideas and visions of the children first, so this is how, among others, a chess table from former school benches and chair legs, a black and gold painted sofa, a zebra-footed armchair, a gondola, a huge rocking bed and a steerable Ferrari with a rear-view mirror were born.