Alexandre Caldas

For him creating is spiritual freedom like nothing else, his objects reveal an immense imagination and deep professional experience. His pieces are available in the AROUNDtheTREE range, offering highly sophisticated hand-crafted solid-wood models. The brand, as its name also suggests, operates based on a circular economic model and the applied production methods often draw on Portuguese handicraft traditions.

One of their best-known products, the armchair called Portugese ROOTS, was inspired by Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos’ Gonçalo chair designed in 1950. In 2013 Caldas reimagined the metal furniture piece – originally intended for café terraces – in solid wood; the lounge chair variant was unveiled a few years afterwards and won a design prize.

The Locust writing desk is one of the pieces the brand is proudest of. The model, built almost entirely of solid wood and treated with beeswax, is a real woodworking feat: its slightly slanted backrest and details that aren’t apparent at first glance make it a timeless piece.