Oláh Sándor

In 1983, he graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts as a goldsmith, and his activities encompass a wide range of tasks. He is happy to work on tasks that require creativity and innovation, be it industrial, architectural, interior design, design or even restoration-related requests. His works can be found in hotels, banks, industrial establishments, but also in private houses, both in Hungary and abroad. He regularly participates in jewelry art biennials and exhibitions, and is a recurring artist at the Miszla Art artist colony. Winner of the St. Eligius Award, the Hungarian Fine Arts and Industrial Artists Award, and the MMA scholarship.
In 2021, he was asked to restore and reconstruct the central chandelier of the Hungarian State Opera House. The 12-meter-high, 4-meter-diameter light fixture was recreated based on the contemporary designs of Miklós Ybl, keeping the original concept, but applying 21st-century solutions. After the rebirth of the original, classicist chandelier structure, it is capable of multiple performances, illuminating both the surrounding frescoes and the auditorium. In addition to 484 gas burner-like light sources, 16 high-performance floodlights and 60 LED lamps were installed, and 675 pressed metal, 520 turned, 128 bent pipes and 432 brass decorative elements were installed on the steel frame structure. An extremely short deadline of only five months was available to complete the design and construction works.

architectural design:
ZDA-Zoboki Design & Architecture