Erőss István

He graduated from the Hungarian College of Fine Arts in 1995 and obtained a DLA degree in 2009. He started his career as a graphic designer, then began creating site-specific works that are closely related to nature. In addition to his artistic activities, he has been a university lecturer since 2008 and is credited with the introduction of nature art into higher education which strives to recreate the harmony between humans and nature. He has been the rector of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts since August 2021.

The work called The Yellow House was created in autumn 2020 as part of the ZagarLand Art symposium in Lithuania. However, due to the pandemic each invitee created a work in their home country instead and exhibited the documentation of it. Erőss created his work on his own homestead based on the adobe house that used to stand on the lot, its roof having been stolen in 2009. By 2020, only a few beams and rotting timbers remained from the original house and its outbuildings. The artist used the remaining wood to build a new house and covered it with yellow flowers found in the area. Photos were taken of the process, and the short video put together from them played backwards is a reference to both time as an important factor in the creative process and the complex relationship between the built and the natural environment. The artist’s two children and two foreign students who stayed in Hungary due to COVID-19 took part in the creative process, emphasizing that the laws of nature transcend cultures and generations.