Denizay Apusoglu and Jonas Kissling

This Swiss studio engages in interdisciplinary research and design and explores possible narratives for the transformation of different materials. The practical approach of Denizay Apusoglu and Jonas Kissling aims to develop new ways of creating with nature and life in mind. In their work they place great emphasis on learning and experimenting with handicraft methods.
Ocean Articulated is a research project that focuses on locally available raw materials and how they can be used in a novel way while reducing the use of harmful substances. The project began with a geomorphological study of the material cycle of salt and sand in the Upper Rhine region, which also includes the remains of a prehistoric ocean and sediment from erosion during the ice age. By adding natural binders to these materials, the designers developed a new, easily and perfectly degrading, yet extremely strong material which they used to create furniture using a process known as sand casting. The method is simple and doesn’t require much equipment, and the finished pieces – although raw and robust – tell a poetic story about the concept of time and durability, the origin and life cycle of the material, but also show the possibility of a new approach to our environment.