Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler

Established by Vienna-based duo Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler in 2009. They have become known for their conceptual approach and complex projects embodied in objects, furniture and installations. Their work method is research-based, followed each time by deep analysis. Their answers to problems are novel, offering progressive alternatives instead of common templates that are surprising and thought-provoking. They use both handicraft and methods considered radical in their projects. Their works are in the Vitra Design Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago, to name a few.

Their small furniture line Ratio is an exciting experiment looking into the hidden presence of ores in raw stone, demonstrating their presence in our everyday lives and calling attention to the detrimental environmental effects of ore mining. The series comprises five pieces: three side tables, a mirror and a bench. The stone objects are combined with functional accessories made out of the metal – zinc, brass and copper – that can be extracted from them. Additional 3mm thick plates show how much metal can be extracted from a stone slab that size. Stonemason Beno Ogren assisted in creating the objects.