Fabio Hendry

Fabio Hendry


Furniture from wire and nylon powder – The Hot Wire Extensions-project

The result of 4 years of research, this new method enables the creation of designer chairs and other furniture items using industrial waste generated during 3D printing.
With their work Fabio Hendry and Seongil Choi focus on analysing the reuse possibilities of high-tech raw materials and industrial production of the future. Hot Wire Extension, an experiment by their co-founded Studio ilio, looks into the recycling of nylon powder used during SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D printing. Although this technology is considered an environmentally sustainable process, only part of the raw material used for SLS printing can be reused without a degradation of quality. (A single manufacturer generates ca. 1000 kgs of waste in 3 weeks.) The frame of the furniture is a nichrome wire. When an electric current is passed through it the generating heat “cures” the mixture of nylon powder and sand onto the wire. The process takes place inside a sealed container where the molten nylon forms a continuous, homogeneous, bone-like hard coating over the wire as it cools. The process is progressive not only because it utilises additive manufacturing in a novel way; it also opens new dimensions for manufacturing and aesthetics.

For the time being, the finished prototypes are available in galleries; market introduction is expected in the near future.

Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talents 2019 nominee