Reeta Ek,
Tong Ren,
Heini Riitahuhta

This family business, making woven home textiles, began more than a hundred years ago. The workshop, founded by Finn Juho Annala, is located in Lapua, where they first sewed felt footwear and then, after purchasing their first loom, focused exclusively on Jacquard weaving and the design and manufacturing of products made with this technology. The Lapuan Kankurit (‘Weavers of Lapua’) brand was created in 1973, and is now run by the fourth generation of the family. The expertise, commitment to quality and philosophy of the predecessors are still defining elements of their operations today. The “soul” of the brand is its own weaving factory, where the work of highly qualified professionals and dozens of designers results in the creation of raw materials with a distinctive style and beauty independent of fashion trends. Professional tricks have been refined for decades, but innovation and continuous improvement are also closely linked to the tradition-based approach. Their product range includes textiles for saunas, kitchen table linen, soft blankets and bedding. The colour palette of their materials – woven exclusively from natural fibres – is typically restrained, but their patterns are exciting and the finished pieces are extremely durable. The brand operates at 100% transparency, the entire lifecycle of the raw materials used is traceable. However, sustainability does not end with compliance to environmental considerations. Care is also taken to pass on the accumulated knowledge and intellectual heritage to the younger generations, and they therefore collaborate with a number of educational institutions.