Ari Kanerva

Ari Kanerva graduated in furniture design and interior design. His studio receives commissions from both Finnish and international brands and his work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions in recent years. In 2019 he was voted Furniture Designer of the Year in Finland.
During the course of his creative activity, he considers function and ergonomics to be the primary aspects, and strives for his objects to meet multiple user needs. His works are characterized by reduced aesthetics, restraint and thoughtful solutions, but they are also full of emotion and playfulness. The armchairs, chairs, tables and other accessories made with technological perfection owe their typical character not to stylistic purity, but rather to a creative attitude that seeks a kind of purism.
Mahtuva, sold by Selka in Finland, was inspired by working from home, a staple during Covid. The height-adjustable laptop desk is ideal for home office environments and offices where there is not enough space for traditional-sized desks. The height of the table can easily be adjusted using a gas spring, so its user can work both sitting down or standing up.
Vivero’s Pii series comprises an armchair, its accessory footstool and a barstool. The special feature of the models is the leather or fabric seat and backrest stretched across a steel tube structure, which perfectly follows the line of the body, thus providing exceptional comfort.