Szalai Bálint


 Home is a brand based on the handicraft traditions of the designer’s hometown and aims to provide more opportunities for the local craftspeople.

The town of Ada used to be the small-craft centre of Yugoslavia; nowadays locals mostly move away. This collection mingles local values and professional knowledge with the toolkit of contemporary design to create a new market opportunity for the community. The long-term goals of the project include creating personal relationships between the creators – so products are deliberately created to require the cooperation of several workshops.

Set out collectively and under Bálint Szalai’s direction, the product range includes small-batch high-quality everyday items that not only serve functional needs but reinforce the sense of homeliness. Reserved and radiating serenity, the collection includes stools, various storage bins, serving plates and candle holders. They are organically united in being natural and using primarily earthy colours, but bear the mark of their creator’s hand upon themselves. The uniform appearance and the webshop are the essence of the initiative, since they provide a springboard for creators, who can now reach a broader and even international audience.

The name comes from the designer’s personal experience: A simple and unambiguous answer to the question „Hi, are you home?”.

Supervisor: Panni Pais