Ruttka Andrea


Drawing and painting have been her fancy since childhood. The strong and determining experience of the first weave by hand and by machine – when the constant criss-cross of yarns suddenly produces a real tangible fabric – fascinate her to this day. She has never been able to treat design work and the pattern born out of it as “just” a motif. There is always a background story to her creations, coming to life in stylised form on unique pieces or in a series. She creates in multiple genres: images, tapestry, pin art; she also does work for theatre.

What technique and inspiration did you use to create your textile on display in the 5th TEXHIBITION exhibition? Where was it made?

I created a smaller-scale black-and-white variation of the Ablak (Window) series, which was inspired by evening lights. Similar to my woven fabric presented last year, my printed pattern this year follows the same grid (window) schematic; but each row was offset, producing this exciting composition. Back then I enlarged this to the full size of the curtain using vivid colours; this time only certain grid segments are coloured.

Both the fabric and the printed curtains are transfer-printed, made from cotton, linen and synthetic fibre, created in collaboration with Rovitex.

Why do you think the TEXHIBITION project is important?

This is kind of an interest community; because we all would like to have more attention turned towards our textiles through the exhibitions. Of course, we influence each other, we discover new possibilities, but „divided we fall”. Only the few functioning factories enable us to produce our works, and the exhibition is proof that the designers and manufacturers get on well with each other.

Ruttka Andrea
textile designer