Kovács Móni

Móni Kovács – KOMONKA textile

Móni Kovács creates unique hand-woven tapestries with a special technology she developed herself. She weaves various coloured yarns that are plied with soft brass, copper and aluminium wire in between pre-painted cotton warps, creating an exciting double structure. Although the technique is traditionally manual, the end result is pretty modern. In fact, the goal is to make each finished piece one of a kind.

 What technique and inspiration did you use to create your textile on display in the 5th TEXHIBITION exhibition? Where was it made?

My work exhibited this year, called PURE EDGE, was made in the Aste textile factory in Kőszeg. Although this project was created using a technique suitable for mass production – which is by the way a totally new direction in the life of my brand – I put extra emphasis on capturing the amalgam of the traditional and the contemporary approach in the fabric’s pattern during the design phase. The design was inspired by the works of Japanese painter Matazo Yakama.

 Why do you think the TEXHIBITION project is important?

It is fantastic that it provides an opportunity for designers to put their works into production from time to time. Since the Hungarian textile industry, especially fabric manufacturing is in an ever more difficult situation and mostly fulfils orders from abroad it is good to see if a Hungarian designer can get a few of their designs at least into the prototype phase.

Kovács Móni
textile  designer