Pájer Emília

Emília Pájer

This Ferenczy Noémi Award laureate textile artist spent long decades at the weavery of the Applied Arts Company – a determining organisation for several generations of designers – as a designer of jacquard fabrics, and taught at the College of Applied Arts (today’s MOME). Besides applied works she also made one-off fabrics for various galleries. Since 1990 she generally works on a manual shaft loom using ancient purist means. „I need to interpret my message in a strict, narrowed-down way: my tool is the line, in this case the thread. I »draw« my fabrics using threads of different thickness, structure or colour – using them as a graphical tool”.

 What technique and inspiration did you use to create your textile on display in the 5th TEXHIBITION exhibition? Where was it made?

My fabric made for this exhibition could perhaps be called a curtain. It was made on a manual four-shaft loom. This is a very simple and ancient method that inherently does not allow for too many patterns. My main inspiration is to push these boundaries. Using a special combination of colours I create shades in a way that they produce the effect of a more complicated weaving procedure. I generally strive to display the filtered-down colours of Nature.

Why do you think the TEXHIBITION project is important?

This exhibition is very important for me. Since it musters the works of the profession’s best it is an important forum of comparison, making it a unique and I think indispensable tool for self-evaluation. In this environment I can view my work differently, in a much more realistic way! I see new directions, new materials, new aspirations; all of which are most essential to contextualise and position my own work.

Pájer Emília
textile designer