Horváth Evelin


 This young designer designs patterns based on hand-drawn and digital images. Her primary focus is printed home textiles, but she has collaborated with several small Hungarian artisanal brands too. She is also open to other areas besides pattern design. Recently, she created an interactive play rug for children using wool felt made by Multifelt Factory. She sees real possibility in Kőszeg felt and would like to work with it again in future.

What technique and inspiration did you use to create your textile on display in the 5th TEXHIBITION exhibition? Where was it made?

The inspiration was Nature’s deep-green lushness. I constructed an “artificial” copy of it using fine and tiny plant pattern elements drawn with vector graphics. From a distance, the colour and richness of detail of the oasis seen on the fabric invokes the mood of organic Victorian wallpapers; when looking closer, it is a cleaner and clearer depiction of it. The fabric was printed by Lénárd Kft. of Budapest using digital technology.

Why do you think the TEXHIBITION project is important?

As a young designer I am delighted to be able to be a part of it. Besides the fact that my works are exhibited I can be part of a community and can get in touch with Hungarian textile manufacturers.

Horváth Evelin
textile designer