Dr. Patrik Künzler, Mark van Raai

Dr. Patrik Künzler, Mark van Raai


A chair beneficial to both body and brain – The Limbic Chair

Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) by the Swiss designer duo, this chair fundamentally changes our ideas about sitting down.

Patrik Künzler studied molecular biology and wanted to become a race car driver; and Mark van Raai is an astrophysicist. The Limbic Chair is based on their diverse knowledge. When sitting down on a chair, we make a series of tiny movements without even realising it. These micro-movements activate the brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for adaptability, memory, learning efficiency, and even for motivation. This chair was designed so that we can easily adapt the most comfortable posture while the chair contributes to stimulating our brain. Instead of a fixed seat there is a rotating carbon fibre shell – mounted on a base with casters – that is in constant motion, but it still enables a lax and balanced posture. While performing activities we will feel relaxed, we will work more creatively, with more focus, and thus with greater efficiency. The Limbic Chair strengthens the spine muscles and can thus aid the rehabilitation of certain spinal problems. Coupled with the proprietary VR application it also works as an interface: like a computer mouse or joystick, it makes work quicker and games more exciting. All chairs are custom-made to the user’s body size and habits.

Winner of the Design Prize Switzerland 2019/2020