Csíkszentmihályi Réka


 She primarily designs jacquard-fabric interior textiles – furniture upholstery, blinds and their complementary embroidered translucent curtains – that she creates under factory conditions whenever possible. She considers designing the entire interior textile image of a space an exciting task – from the curtains and upholsteries to the carpets, even including the table cloths and serviettes. She gladly undertakes complex tasks and enjoys collaborating with interior designers.

What technique and inspiration did you use to create your textile on display in the 5th TEXHIBITION exhibition? Where was it made?

My exhibited works are double-knit jacquard fabrics that can be used for multiple functions and can serve decorative purposes too. My works on display this year belong to the ARCHITEXTURE series, a constantly expanding collection inspired by the predictable as well as the spontaneous geometric patterns that appear in our built environment. Manufacturing took place in Kőszeg in Aste-Meritum Kft.’s factory that is nearly 100 years old and has a long history.

Why do you think the TEXHIBITION project is important?

As the Hungarian factories shut one after the other textile designers were left without manufacturers. Under the TEXHIBITION project’s umbrella still-surviving Hungarian manufacturers and designers have the opportunity to meet under mutually favourable circumstances. As a result of the long years of working together collaborations are much more flexible, manufacturers agree to undertake jobs – even outside projects – with more favourable terms.

I find it very good that several generations participate in the project – from university students in their twenties to senior matured artists. It is exciting to get to know each other, experience the different design attitudes and ways of thinking. It is interesting to see what different solutions are used to address a technological limitation, for example. Us designers learn a lot from each other too.

Csíkszentmihályi Réka
textile designer